“Knowing oneself is important. However, in sales and business, it’s vitally important to know and understand the other person. While doing so in detail is a process, this excellent book provides a method for grasping another’s essence quickly and powerfully. Follow the author’s advice and you’ll find yourself able to touch the lives of many, many more people with the exceptional value of your product or service. The bonus is that not only will your business relationships improve, those in your personal life will, as well.”

-Bob Burg, coauthor of The Go-Giver and author of Endless Referrals


“This book unlocks the secrets of connecting to and persuading more people, more quickly. In today’s fast paced world, a book like this is pure gold.”

-Robert G. Allen, Bestselling author of the New York Times bestsellers, Nothing Down, Creating Wealth, Multiple Streams of Income and The One Minute Millionaire.


“An intriguing blend of business ‘how-to’, scientific research, intuitive observation and pop culture mixed into one unique system that will forever change how you view the world.”

–Janet Bray Attwood, New York Times Bestselling Author, The Passion Test


“Powerful, practical and solid advice on how to read people in any situation. Apply Mychals’ knowledge and you’ll feel much more confident & ready to rock every potential client opportunity.”

– Dr. Joe Vitale, best-selling author of The Attractor Factor, Attract Money Now and co-star of the hit movie The Secret.


“If you’d like to connect with new clients quickly and effectively, you can learn the secrets in How to Read a Client From Across the Room. This book offers a powerful guide to attracting new business.”

– Marci Shimoff, NY Times Bestselling author of Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul


“Aim high in your business to manifest your greatness and that of your clients. Brandy will provide for you the insight and winning strategies to enable you to attract the right clients. Take action now and buy this book to build the business of your dreams.”

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“Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff when it comes to attracting clients. Success doesn’t have to be a struggle and Mychals’ new book is paving the way to finding your ideal client fast.”

-Kristine Carlson, international bestselling author and leading expert on success, author of the Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff series with her late husband Dr. Richard Carlson


“As CEO of one of the largest women’s networking organizations in North America and a multi-million dollar business owner, I know that women want to do more than just ‘close the deal.’ In addition to providing value with their products or services, women also want to connect on a deeper level and contribute to the world on a larger scale. This is a book that honors all of these desires, allowing you to live a life of success and significance. Brandy Mychals has created a system that allows you to do this – connect with potential clients, serve their core needs and create lucrative win-win solutions! Without question, this sales book is a must-read for women and men everywhere!”

– Sandra Yancey, CEO and Founder, eWomenNetwork, best-selling author of Succeeding In Spite Of Everything


“The Queen of Sales Conversion gives two thumbs up to this comprehensive, fun and amazingly insightful book about what makes people behave the way they do. Get ready to read a book that will strengthen every one of your relationships and help you be more effective in your sales efforts!”

–Lisa Sasevich, best-selling author and creator of the Invisible Close Sales System


“In How To Read A Client From Across The Room, Mychals has unlocked the code and given us access to it in an understandable and practical framework for success. This book will help you learn the art and science of reading and understanding people in ways you never thought possible – and don’t need years of schooling to get. Practice her techniques and you will rise to the top of your field in no time.”

-Daniel J. Reidenberg, PsyD, FAPA, BCPC, CRS, CMTExecutive Director – SAVEChair, Advisory Board – American Psychotherapy Association


“As one of the nation’s foremost fitness and nutrition experts, author & TV personality I know how important it is to have incredible people skills – especially in my field of work helping them overcome weight loss resistance. Mychals’ book, How to Read a Client from Across the Room will empower every high performance CEO, entrepreneur & speaker to up their game & increase their sales.”

-JJ Virgin, PhD, CNS, Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert, Co-star, TLC’s Freaky Eaters, Author, Six Weeks to Sleeveless & Sexy, President, National Assoc. of Nutrition Professionals


“Say farewell to Myers-Briggs, Say goodbye to DISC and give a warm welcome to the absolute game changer that is-Brandy Mychals. The woman is nothing short of pure genius! She and her Character Code System are rapidly altering the way professionals of every capacity attain non-stop growth in any business. She is successful beyond measure and knows exactly how to help you become just the same. Read the book! You will want to thank her personally for your new found and constant prosperity.”

-Kevin Hines, Speaker/Author/Advocate


“Being able to quickly connect with prospects is essential to your success. In this book, Brandy Mychals shows you powerful & practical ways to make that happen.”

-Jill Konrath, author of SNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies


“I love how Mychals has created a world where we can no longer hide. Now you can know your clients strengths, challenges, fears and dreams just by looking at them. How to Read a Client from Across the Room is the perfect blend of brutal honesty and loving kindness that will turn the world of sales upside down. Get ready!”

– Margie Aliprandi, international speaker &author of “What Do You Want… Exactly?”,7-figure icon in the network marketing industry


“This book is a roadmap for success in building mutually rewarding business relationships. Use it as a manual for understanding who your ideal clients really are, what drives them, and how to attract them and keep them for life.”

-Jill Lublin, three time best selling author of Guerrilla Publicity, international speaker


“It’s rare to find such honest advice in such an accessible format. When it comes to achieving your dreams, these skills are essential.”

-Marcia Wieder, CEO/Founder, Dream University®


“The Character Code System is a perfect common sense tool with universal application. As an advocate for victims, it is vital to meet our clients where they are emotionally in order to help them without hurting them more. In the midst of crisis timing is everything, having the Character Code allows for a quick and effective assessment of the clients personality which will then allow a more meaningful and appropriate response to their needs.”

-Jennifer Storm, Author and Executive Director of the Victim/Witness Assistance Program in Harrisburg, PA


“We all know that first impressions are key in our daily professional and personal interactions. Brandy Mychals’ Character Code System provides new and significant tools that will help all of us “read” each others behaviors to build greater mutual understanding — major pluses in areas such as Leadership Development and Career Services in Higher Education. I look forward to incorporating her system into the training of my Campus Activities student event programmers.”

-Scott Drummond
Associate Director of Campus Life/Director, Campus Activities


“An important book offering an innovative approach to assessing your clients’ motivations and incentives. A new model of analysis that is a must read for anyone looking to improve their businesses or their lives.”

-Margaret Hines
Director, Investor Relations
Alignment Financial Services
San Francisco, CA


“How to Read a Client From Across the Room was a real eye-opener even for a long time sales trainer like myself. I can see how this book is going to turn traditional sales thinking into a thing of the past – which is the breath of fresh air that we’ve all been waiting for. If you want to up your sales, get this book now!”

– Christian Mickelsen Creator of “Free Sessions That Sell: The Client Sign Up System” and
author of “The Solution to All of Life’s Problems


“Brandy Mychals has come up with the hottest, brightest and most timely ‘people’ code for the next generation. The Character Code® System is chock full of penetrating insights and stellar relevancy for understanding the people you live with, work with, and love. Backed by years of solid research, but packaged in a down-to-earth and humanly accessible language system, I predict this system will be the next BIG thing in understanding relationships. If you want to understand yourself and your world, this is the woman to study with.”

– Gary D. Salyer, Ph.D


“The Scholar was laugh-out-loud funny as I recognized myself and my friends! These are packed with information on analysis that immediately takes me to practical steps on how to establish rapport, which is invaluable to building a successful practice – of any kind!”

— Barbara J. Luther, JD, MB, MBA, Founder Luther Law Firm


“I have learned so much from Brandy and her Character Codes! These codes are like a secret ‘tell-all’ that help you understand each person you meet and how they need for you to interact!

As the CEO of Fitlogic championing fit standards for women’s apparel, I need to know how to talk to potential clients, investors and high end joint venture partners.This skill is crucial in my skyrocketing business and the Character Code System has helped me make those connections quickly!”

– Cricket Lee, CEO Fitlogic®, Visionary Marketer