Client Reviews


“From hard work & little success to EXPONENTIAL business growth!”

“As a business owner, I struggled to narrow down my target market and wanted to help everyone….but struggled to grow my business. I had some success but spent a lot of time and work to achieve this little bit…and I felt like there had to be a better way.

In working with Brandy and her Character Code System, she very quickly helped me understand who I am, who my target market should be and how to structure my business around me.

As a result, my business had grown exponentially–primarily through referrals. I am having a lot more fun, I”m playing to my strengths and am able to make connections with my Target Market much more quickly and effectively.”

Rebecca Hall Gruyter
CCC Master Trainer


Using what Brandy teaches brought a SIGNIFICANT INVESTMENT into the company…”

“I have learned so much from Brandy and her Character Codes! These codes are like a secret ‘tell-all’ that help you understand each person you meet and how they need for you to interact!

As the CEO of Fitlogic championing fit standards for women’s apparel, I need to know how to talk to potential clients, investors and high end joint venture partners. This skill is crucial in my skyrocketing business and the Character Code System has helped me make those connections quickly!

For instance, one of my investors is a Class President Character Code and lawyer and so I know to be strategic, bottom line and intelligent in my conversations. Another one is an Activist Character Code and talking to her about how we save the carbon footprint or our chosen charity gets her excited and that brought a significant investment into the company. It’s knowing people’s personal preferences that helps you communicate more clearly.

Brandy’s personal coaching has also made a huge impact on my understanding of the power of giving in my life. I am forever thankful, Brandy, for all you are!”

Cricket Lee
CEO Fitlogic®,
Visionary Marketer


“Brandy took the whole of who I am…and the results were a jam-packed room & TRIPLE the sales!!”

“I’ve been a very successful international speaker for years, but I had never felt my events were filled with my exact right people.

Using her Character Code System, Brandy took the whole of who I am, my background in the Movie Business, my Results oriented approach to everything, crafted the words so they would resonate with my ideal clients and came up with Red Carpet Results.

The result was a jam packed room overflowing with the perfect potential clients, increasing my conversion rate to 38%, and my sales tripling!

That is all due to Brandy’s Character Codes! If you want results like this, you have to learn the Character Code System!”

Adryenn Ashley
Award-winning filmmaker, CEO
Adryenn Ashley
Lynne Sagen


“My first weekend workshop was SOLD OUT due to my work with Brandy…”

“Brandy Mychals has come up with the hottest, brightest and most timely ‘people’ code for the next generation of coaches. The Character Code is chock full of penetrating insights and stellar relevancy for understanding the people you live with, work with, and love.

Backed by years of solid research, but packaged in a down-to-earth and humanly accessible language system, I predict this system will be the next BIG thing

If you want to understand yourself and your world, this is the woman to study with.”

Gary D. Salyer, Ph.D
Speaker, Relationships Coach